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Bridal SOS!

It's all go, go, go!

I've sort of x-posted this in a bastardised format to my personal LJ, it's sort of, I suppose, my first 'Progress Update' - 

So, we've met with the Reverand at the Church we want to get Married (should that be a capital letter?) in and booked the date, we've viewed two Reception Venues and are one month away from our first deposit at our prefered one. J's going to look into the financial planning that'll need to be sorted out, he's great at Math so I leave it all to him, just supplying him with the estimated data, and that brings us up to date I think!

Busy, busy!

I've been waiting so long to start doing all this and now that it's here, I'm shaking I'm so excited! 

*re-reads previous sentence* 

"now that it's all here", what am I like, we've still got 400 days to go!! 

Lessal x

Weightloss take...5?

Ok, so I'm back on the Wagon as of today, Weight Watchers meeting is next Tuesday and I refuse to be anything other than absolutely knock out gorgous for my Wedding...which is in exactly 400 days.

Yes 400 as in 2 x 200, which scares the living crap out of me! Not the getting married part, I can't wait to do that, but the losing weight and organising the whole thing part!

Anyway, so tonight, I had grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, kudos to me or what?! ;-)

I'm going to need EVERY bit of support and help/tips etc you guys can offer me, if you could spare it I'd be really grateful. 


Lessal x


Wagonless, and Fairey-stuff

Ok, so 2 things to report, I've completely fallen off the wagon in recent weeks *coughs * uh, months, actually I haven't fallen off the wagon so much as taken a flying leap off the wagon, in fact, the wagon is a distant speck to me. Still, it's not so bad, I haven't put on anything and I'm up to a total weight loss of 9.5lbs, which I realise is completely pathetic given the oh hundred or so years I've been on Weight Watchers, but in my defence I haven't actually...really...sort of, *small voice* been doing the Ponts counting, which is...sort of...the point, so really, I appear to be losing weight purely on a wishful thinking basis.

*starts thinking really hard about pots of money*

Second news-worthy thing to tell you all about?

I'm going to a Wedding Fair, that's right people a Wedding Fair, where they will undoubtedly have all manner of Weddingy-type stuff! I'm so excited! I'm going with two of the girls from work and one of my Bridesmaid's Kit, who's also one of my best friends. 

We're going to the National Wedding Show, in Earls Court, London (England), tickets are £12's and it looks like it's going to be fun.

Kit, Ami, Emily and I are going on Sunday the 30th September, so if any of ya'all are going, let me know, I'd love to meet any LJers! We're all friendly and hardly ever bite.

Anyway, let me know.

Lessal x

Yeah Baby, uh hu, uh hu, uh hu!

So...I lost half a stone, yup that's right, I am officially the carrier of 7lbs less weight! That's it really, just felt the need to brag a bit. ;-)

Lessal x


Sorry for clogging up everyone's f-list, I tend to do things in the extreme, it's either drought or flood with regards to Posting I'm afraid!

Anyway, some news...

J and I had origionally decided on October 10th 2008 for our Wedding but it looks like J's Brother, who is mucho important to us, is possibly still going to be in Iraq getting shot at in October and neither of us want to risk his not being able to attend. Added to that, we're paying for the Wedding ourselves and we're not exactly rolling in it, so we've decided to change the date...quite a bit...we're now thinking that we're going to Marry on my Birthday in 2009.

My Birthday is 13th November, in 2009 it just happens to fall on Friday the 13th...which considering the fact that we got together on Apri Fools Day, is, I'm sure you'll agree, pretty darn funny! lol...

So, we have a new D-Day, no wait a new W-Day! I'm not too upset about it, I thought I would be, but to be honest I love the thought of getting married on my 25th Birthday, I think it has a neat kind of symmetry to it. Plus, I'm an organise FREAK (I mean really, you have no idea) so having longer to sort out all the details can only be a good thing right? 

I have just over 2 years to plot and plan...I hope ya'll can put up with me for that long!?

Lessal x

P.S. The weight loss thing is NOT going well, so any encouragement or advice etc is really appreciated.


Weight :-)

See the difference!

I only lost 1lb this week but as I was convinced I was going to have put on, I'm really happy. :-)

That means I've lost a total 0f 6lbs in 3 weeks, which I'm pretty happy about, it's slow but I'm hoping that means that I'll be able to sustain it and keep it off. I'm not finding it too hard and when I do I know it's because I'm craving food for foods sake not because I'm actually hungry.

*thinks to self* Now if I could only get the exercise portion of this 'new me' on the road, then I'd REALLY be happy!

So, hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up and this time next year, I'll be a new, improved, svelte version of me.

*crosses fingers...and toes...and legs...and eyes*

Lessal x


Weight :-(

I thought, while I'm here, I'd update about my Weightloss away from the prying eyes of my (2) Male LJ Friends. *so lame*

Anyway, I've been going to Weight Watchers (which shall hereto be called WW's because I can't be bothered to spell it out) for 3 weeks today, I lost 5lbs over the last 2 weeks, but had a bit of a hicup this last week. J just handed his final project in and we went out for an Indian to celebrate and I'm telling you now there is NO SUCH THING as a healthy Indian meal, it's just not possible...

*small voice* I may also have spent Saturday night getting completely hammered on what I can almost guarentee were sugary alco-pops. *hangs head*

I have my Weigh-In in about half an hour and I am NOT looking forward to it. I'm so annoyed at myself, which I suppose is a good thing, if I wasn't annoyed it would mean I'm not bothered and I obviously am. I'll just have to try harder!

Lessal x

P.S. Sorry for the rambling nature of this Post, I tend to ramble when I'm nervous, look I'm doing it now!


Just because...

I found this on one of my Friends Beebo Accounts, I just thought, it's exactly how I hope he sees me, and exactly how I see him...

Find someone who calls you beautiful instead of hot; who calls you back when you hang up on them; who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the one who kisses your forehead; who holds your hand in front of their friends. Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much they care about you and how lucky they are to have you. 

Wait for the one who turns to their friends and says "THATS HER"

Lessal x


Google the false idol!

I think I must be searching wrong! 

I've been looking for Venues in the South East of England (where I live), by typing "Wedding Venues South East" but I'm not coming up with too many places and certainly none within my price range, I thought maybe I was limiting the results by putting the word "Wedding" in the search. But if I take "Wedding" out, how do I make sure I still get suitable results?

...God, this Post is so boring! Sorry!

Many thanks for any help, appreciated forever, with a possible mention in the Wedding speeches! *winks*

Lessal x

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