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Just me...Weds!

13 November 1983
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I'm Lessal,

I'm 24, I live with my Fiancée (he's 35) who I'm utterly loved up with, we've been together for 5 years, and are very happy thank you very much!

We recently got engaged 4th May 07!

I have 2 Cats, they are little monsters and at the moment the only things stopping me from being stuck on broody!

I am (generally speaking) a determinedly happy type of person, which my B/F loves because I get pleased over the littlest things, like...Christmas window displays etc. As he points out, "It's sad and pathetic, but cheap"!

I have a tendency to grin, which while expressing my joy at ...insert joyous type thing here...adequately, tends to scare people because I really do grin, it's been described as maniacal.

I'm blonde (in every sense of the word) and utterly resent stereotypes...when it suits me.

I'm also a Martha Stuart wannabe (without the Fraud), I would love to be a billiant and dazzling homemaker, but at the moment, with full time work, I'll settle for de-tipping the living room in between trying to have a life!